Get answers to the most common queries asked by many clients.

Is it important to focus on UI/UX?

Of course! In fact, UI/UX is one of the most critical factors in a website. The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of your site decide whether or not your customers are satisfied with your site. If the UI/UX is not up to the mark, the bounce rate will increase, and that's really terrible for your website!

Should every website be mobile-friendly?

In today's digital landscape, you must have a mobile-friendly website if you want to survive in the online world. Mobile-friendliness is not only recommended by Google, but it is also the foundation for getting hold of thousands of mobile users. They may switch to your competitor just because you don't have a site that provides a good browsing experience on mobile devices.

Do you provide the custom design?

Yes, as the top web design company in Chennai, we do. Based on your requirement and the market study, we establish the best design that will suit your business. Once we understand your goals and the industry standards, our designers create a custom design for your website.

Will the website maintenance be hassling?

If you are taking our service, then absolutely not! We, being the leading web development company in Chennai, will take care of the entire website maintenance job so that you can focus on your core business stuff. However, if you want to maintain the website yourself, we have extensive documentation and two live training sessions that can help you.

How much time does it take to make a website?

Well, it depends on your requirement. Every website is different, and so is the amount of work that's required. Thus, the less work there is, the quicker your website will be live. We can talk about the time right after we evaluate the entire project.