A brochure is something that carries the legacy of your organization

A well-designed brochure is something that would talk about your organization: the promises you make, the products/services you offer, and the speciality of your company, among others without speaking a single word. If you are looking for an experienced brochure design company in Chennai, TTS is one of the most reputed and trusted destinations to go for creating highly attractive brochures that will surely empower your company with corporate branding.

TTS becomes different from all the other companies when it comes to the outcome. Many companies claim about the creativity in the designs they make and some even live up to their words. But along with the creative design on the brochure, we also work on making the design in a way that it lifts the conversion rate.

Four Vital Elements of a Successful Brochure


Brief Business Info

Never fail to put down a nice, short and crisp information about your business in the brochure. This is the part where you can make an impression. The information should be professional and yet engaging.


Good Content

Content is always an essential part of anything, and the brochure is no different. Since it is an official representation of y our business, keepthe content errorless and profound throughout the brochure.


Best Photographs

It’s quite natural that you would use a lot of photographs to make your brochure understandable and attractive. So, use original and high -quality photographs, which depict your professionalism


Industry-Specific Design

Following the same design pattern in every kind of brochure is totally wrong regardless of the attractiveness of the design. Every industry has different sets of audience and they demand an industry-specific design.